Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our Journey to Owen: Day 5

Today was another BUSY day! I think we walked over most of Seoul today! :) It started out around 5 AM for us. We tried to sleep later but just couldn't. We hung around the guest house (and skyped with our little buddy!) until around 8:15 I think then headed out for Namdaemun Market. It was a little chilly but the sun was out and we enjoyed walking around looking at all of the things for sale there. You name it, they have it! From clothes to jewelry to food to socks to handbags to you fill in the blank, it is there! We did buy a couple of t-shirts and a new hanbok for Lukas. We stopped after awhile and had a coffee break to warm up.

After Namdaemun we headed back to get ready for our visit with Owen. I do have to say that I am so proud of how well we've done with the subway this time. It was so confusing last time but we have rocked it this time! :)

We walked over to SWS around 1 and our little guy was waiting for us. They took us into the playroom and we were able to spend about an hour with him. The foster mom stayed with us for part of the time then she snuck out to give us time alone with him. He is such a fun, happy little guy! He has the most contagious little laugh. He LOVED knocking over block towers and would just cackle when they would fall. He also thought the huge stuffed bear in the room was hilarious too! He is definitely a fan of a stuffed animal-which is the exact opposite of his big brother! He is one busy little guy and was into everything! He is a quick mover and is going to keep us on our toes! When the foster mom left, he started to whine when he realized she was gone but he let us comfort him. He never got really upset but would cry and whimper some. We did get some really sweet snuggles during that time. After a little bit he seemed to be getting tired and started to get fussy. We would distract him and then he would start again. His foster mother came back in and he calmed down and went straight to her. He is very attached to her but we are so glad that he is. You can tell he loves her dearly and she feels the same way. We then chased him around most of the SWS office because he was done with the playroom but he continued to just not be happy and you could tell he was ready for a nap. Right at 2 the foster mom slung him on her back, wrapped him in the carrier, and he waved goodbye to us. It was hard to tell him goodbye but I told him we would be back very soon. He is such a sweetheart and I contemplated just putting him in a suitcase and bringing him home but I figured that would probably not be wise. ;)

After they left we found out a few details of how to prepare for court tomorrow and then we also found out that there should be no birth mother issue after the court date. We should be able to return for him in about a month! That was a relief!

After our visit we met up with our friends Dan and Judy and took off for some fun! We headed to Dongdaemun Market and toy alley! It was definitely a toy paradise. I would never be able to get Lukas out of there! We walked around the market for awhile then headed to find something to eat. We found an Outback and that just sound really yummy to all of us so we ate there. Dan and Judy have been such a blessing to us on our trip. The Lord could not have picked a more perfect family for us to be here with. We have so much in common and I believe we have made some lifetime friends.

After eating we just walked and walked and walked and walked! It was dark and everything was lit up and we just enjoyed walking and looking at everything. We walked a long ways and I really don't know where we ended up but we found a subway station, hopped on, and headed back to our area. We had lots of laughs tonight and it was just so much fun! We're planning one more afternoon/night on the town tomorrow night before we leave on Saturday.

I can't believe tomorrow is our last day here! I'm so ready to see my Lukas but sad to leave this beautiful city that we love so much and even more sad to leave sweet Owen here. But thankful that it shouldn't be long before we can come back and take him home!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Our Journey to Owen: Day 4

Today was a fun day! It was our only day without any appointments so we tried to pack in as much as we could. We were not up quite as early this morning and actually ended up getting up around our normal time at home. It was still too early to get out and do anything but Mitchell did find a yummy coffee shop open. After skyping with Lukas--who is doing fantastic by the way!--we headed out and ran right into some friends from Kentucky, Dan and Judy, that we had only "met" online. It was sooo good to see someone "familiar" and to be able to carry on conversations in English. We stood outside our agency and talked with them and then walked with them to show them the nearest subway station and how to purchase their cards for the subway. We also showed them the GFC building that has all of the restaurants in it. We made plans to eat supper together and then off we went!

We headed over to Insadong Market, which was one of our favorite places from the last trip here. It is so authentic Korean. I believe I could spend 2 days in there exploring all of the little alleys that are packed with little restaurants and shops. It is full of treasures! I had a list of exactly the items I wanted to look for and we got started right away! We found many of the things I wanted: a Korean jersey for Lukas, a name chop for Owen, wedding ducks for us and Owen, some wooden toys, a pair of Pororo training chopsticks, and a few other things. We found a Korean buffet for lunch that we had seen recommended in one of the FB groups I'm a part of and it was delicious! It was a neat way to try a little of a bunch of different kinds of dishes. After lunch we wandered around and shopped some more.

Next we headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace! It was on our list to see last time and we never made it so this time it was at the top of the list! It was beautiful and surrounded by the colorful autumn leaves just made it even more gorgeous. We enjoyed the afternoon wandering around it. Mitchell enjoyed trying to find random Korean students to take selfies with! They probably thought he was crazy but they all joined it with him! :)

Around 3:30 we headed back to the guest house because our feet and legs were aching from all of the walking. It is unreal how many miles you walk here. We had kind of forgotten how much walking there is. My feet have ached the last 2 nights from so much walking. We rested a little before it was time to meet Dan and Judy for supper. It took us a while to find somewhere to eat and we finally ended up in one of the restaurants in the GFC. The food was good but getting to know them was the best part! We had so much in common and really enjoyed our time talking with them. We hope to get together one more time before we leave.

It was a busy but a wonderful day. Tomorrow we get to see Owen again! I'm really curious to see how he reacts to us after our last meeting. He won't be in his familiar setting and I'm wondering if that will affect him. We shall see!