Saturday, December 14, 2013

Last Playdate

It has been no secret how much we enjoy our monthly play dates with our friends, Brandi, Asher, Jaxson, Heather, and Samuel. Their friendship has been such a blessing to me in the last 3 years. I love getting together with friends that “get” what it’s like to be an adoptive mom and how hard the wait can be. Another blessing has been the chance for our boys to play together. They have a ball together and we’ve been praying that the Lord would make them lifelong friends. All 3 of us know how important it is for our boys to have friends that look like them and have similar stories. All of the times we’ve shared together have truly been a gift.

On Wednesday we had our last playdate with all of us there for quite a while. Brandi’s family is moving to the other side of our state and is going to be too far for us to get together for just a day. It’s not going to be the end of our friendship by no means but we will have to make a more intentional effort to have some time together.

I enjoyed watching the boys together and pray that we can keep them close as they grow up!




















How amazing is it that we got all 4 to look at the camera?! 

Four super sweet boys that God has some amazing plans for in the future! I’m so thankful that God made our paths cross through the miracle of adoption. These two families have truly been a blessing to ours.

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Melissa said...

Well, that just stinks that she's moving away! And, yes, it is a miracle to get all 4 kids looking in one direction at the same time! :)